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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro White

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Robot vacuum cleaner and mopping in one machine
Powerful suction power and electronically controlled water tank
Quiet running sound does not disturb the living environment
Easy to control and operate with a smartphone or by pressing a button
Washable HEPA filter filters exhaust air from allergens


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro White

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is a versatile and affordable robotic vacuum cleaner and mopping device. It vacuums and mops floors autonomously, avoiding all obstacles. After cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its charging mode. A washable HEPA filter cleans the exhaust air and the quiet running sound does not disturb others while cleaning.

HEPA-filtered exhaust air

The vacuum cleaner's HEPA filter filters almost all allergens from the exhaust air, including pollen and mould particles. It helps keep your home clean and fresh, making it easy to breathe. The filter is washable, so you don't have to replace it as often.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro robot vacuum cleaner information

Intelligent and hassle-free cleaning

Sleek, disc-shaped and low-profile, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is a hard-working cleaner that starts at the touch of a button or controlled by your smartphone. The smart vacuum cleaner can be scheduled to clean at any time, so it doesn't get in the way of others.

In addition to vacuuming, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro washes floors with water using a detachable mop cloth and a 200 ml water tank. You can further fine-tune the moisture level of the water wash yourself, with three different mopping settings.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro removes dirt, dust, hair, small debris and pet hair not only from bare floor surfaces but also from carpets with a powerful suction power of 2,100 Pascal (Pa). Thanks to its suction and removable brush section, even small debris is efficiently sucked into the 550 ml sulphur tank of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Easy to set cleaning limits

A dedicated smartphone app allows you to define areas where the vacuum cleaner is not allowed to go. This allows you to limit the vacuuming and washing area to individual parts of a room or even entire rooms. This could be, for example, children's play areas with lots of small items. This prevents even small toys or their parts from entering the sulphur tank. However, unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, it is easy to clean if necessary.

Smooth cleaning while avoiding obstacles

Thanks to its new visual sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner can move automatically according to the room and its furniture. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop can dodge obstacles with soft touches without knocking over even the lightest items. This makes the vacuum cleaner carefree to use.

Crosses thresholds and stops at the edges

Thanks to intelligent sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner will not fall off stairs or other edges. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop can cross thresholds up to 2 cm, carpet edges and wires. This makes it easy to move the robot vacuum cleaner from one room to another without any assistance.

More efficient cleaning

Using precise sensors, the vacuum cleaner draws a map of its surroundings. This allows the vacuum cleaner to know exactly what's around it and create the most efficient cleaning path for itself. This can be monitored in real time via the vacuum cleaner's smartphone app.

Easy and affordable to maintain

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is easy to maintain. At the end of a vacuuming session, the sulphur container that opens from the top of the vacuum cleaner is easy to empty into the waste bin. No need for separate and cumbersome dust bags with your robot vacuum cleaner. In addition, the HEPA filter in the sulphur tank can be rinsed with water alone. Hair and other small debris trapped in the vacuum cleaner's bristles can be easily removed. This means that the robotic vacuum cleaner has low maintenance costs. In addition, the vacuum cleaner and its charging unit can be easily moved out of sight when cleaning is complete.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro features

Smart phone app for easy control

The smartphone app allows you to control and monitor the robot vacuum cleaner in a variety of ways while cleaning. The app can be used to set and automate cleaning times. In addition to automated vacuuming, the app allows the user to control the vacuum cleaner themselves, even using Alexa or Google Assistant voice control. The app is available for free download for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Powerful battery and exceptionally quiet running sound

The robot vacuum cleaner's powerful 3200 milliampere-hour battery allows for a two-hour cleaning session. The robot vacuum cleaner can also recharge itself in the middle of a cleaning job and then continue cleaning afterwards. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is also much quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner with a 58 decibel running sound. This makes it ideal for cleaning large homes and small offices, even during the working day.

With its fast mobility, versatility and powerful cleaning performance, as well as its exceptionally quiet running sound, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop Pro is the perfect stand-alone cleaning tool.

Product type
Robot vacuum
3200 mAh
Charging time
240 min
24 months
Sound level
58 dB
Maximum area
180 m2
9.6 cm
35 cm
Smart functions
Mobile application
Suction power
2.10 kPa
Battery type
Container size
0.55 litres
Auto-empty dock
Mopping feature
Cliff sensor
2 cm
Run time
150 min
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