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Roomba 976

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Control with your smartphone
Up to 75min battery life
Traps 99% of allergens
Learns, maps and adapts to your home
Great suction power


Roomba 976

Roomba® 976 moves easily and stylishly across the entire floor area of your home and stays on the map wherever it goes. It also recharges itself, so it makes sure the job gets done 100% of the time. The three-stage AeroForce® cleaning system delivers up to five times more suction power* with a Gen 2 motor that requires less maintenance but delivers more cleaning power*. iRobot HOME app lets you schedule cleaning even when you're away from home.

* Compared to Roomba® 600 and 700 Series AeroVac™ systems.

Easy navigation.

iAdapt responsive navigation technology uses multiple sensors to help Roomba clean the nooks and crannies of the room.

Automatically charges and doesn't stop until the job is done: Roomba® 976 runs continuously for up to 75 minutes*, then automatically charges and continues cleaning until it's done.

Navigates easily and efficiently through multiple rooms: a highly efficient cleaning method and multiple sensors allow the robot to move around furniture and other obstacles and access all corners.

Spot dirt that might otherwise go unnoticed: optical and acoustic sensors help find places where there's a lot of dust, dirt and pet hair - and then clean where it's needed most.

Clean under sofas and chairs.

Roomba® uses tilt sensors to avoid stairs and other places where there's a risk of falling.

* Tested in iRobot's laboratory on hard floor surfaces. iRobot's test laboratory has tested the system under harsh conditions in the iRobot Robotics laboratory. operation times may vary.


Clean wherever you are: the iRobot HOME app makes it easy to plan your cleaning - anytime, anywhere. Choose your own cleaning settings and see the status of your cleaning jobs. Clean Map™ reports show you where the robot has cleaned and give you information such as coverage area and cleaning duration. Receive a push notification when the robot has finished cleaning. All this on your smartphone.

The app provides support: tips and advice at your fingertips.

Customized cleaning and space control: Use the iRobot HOME app to select custom cleaning settings and check the status of your cleaning jobs.

Remove hair easily and efficiently: brushless dust collectors prevent hair and other dirt from "sticking together", making daily vacuuming even easier for Roomba®.

Roomba® can be set to vacuum up to seven times a week, meaning your home can be clean every day.

The Roomba®'s full tank indicator lets you know when the dust tank is full and needs emptying. You can also check the fill level and status of the dust container in the iRobot HOME app.

Clean all types of floors.

Docks and charges automatically: Roomba is always ready to clean. It automatically returns to its Home Base® dock to recharge between cleanings.


Up to 50% more cleaning power: The three-stage AeroForce® cleaning system, combined with dust collectors and Gen 2 motor, delivers better cleaning performance and requires less maintenance.

Revolutionary cleaning technology.

Up to five times more suction power *: thanks to the Gen 2 motor.

Sweeps along walls and corners: a rotating edge brush pushes dust and dirt into the cleaning system in three stages.

Traps 99% of allergens, pollen and particles: Highly effective at trapping particles up to 10 microns in size with the AeroForce® filter.

* Compared to Roomba® 600 and 700 Series AeroVac™ systems.

Product type
Robot vacuum
1800 mAh
Charging time
180 min
24 months
Sound level
58 dB
Maximum area
120 m2
9.10 cm
35 cm
Smart functions
Mobile application
Suction power
Not known
Aerovac Filter
Battery type
Container size
0.6 litres
Auto-empty dock
Mopping feature
Cliff sensor
2 cm
Run time
75 min
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