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Tesvor S6 Turbo

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Application and voice guidance

Vacuum and mop at the same time

Dust tank size 600 ml

Threshold 2 cm

Suction power 4000 Pa


Tesvor S6 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner


The Tesvor S6 Turbo robot vacuum cleaner is really efficient! With 4000 Pa suction power, it vacuums more debris than other models. It offers innovative technology in the navigation system as well as different cleaning settings. Cleaning settings include "Smart Cleaning" and "Spot Cleaning". In Smart Cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner performs the mapping and vacuuming completely autonomously. In spot cleaning, you can select a specific spot where you want the robot to spend more time cleaning.

Tesvor is the perfect entry-level robot vacuum cleaner for homes up to 150 m2. Its cleaning performance is among the best in its price range and it comes with all the necessary features on the application.

Tesvor S6 Turbo product specifications

150m2 cleaning area

The robot vacuum cleaner works best in areas of less than 150 m2. The vacuum can be moved from one floor to another, but it can only teach rooms on one floor, which means that changing floors means that the unit has to be re-mapped every time you change floors. It can vacuum all types of carpets (except very thick carpets) and hard floors such as laminate and tile. The robot vacuum cleaner can climb over 2 cm thresholds.

Battery and charging

The device contains a small and powerful lithium-ion battery that allows the device to run for 150 min on a single charge, depending on the cleaning setting used on the vacuum cleaner. Charging takes 5-6 hours.


4000 Pa suction power!

The Tesvor S6 Turbo robotic vacuum cleaner features the most powerful suction power in its price range. With 4000 Pa suction power, it cleans even the heaviest debris from floors. It's also suitable for animal households where there's a constant need to clean up hair.


The air is kept clean by a 3-stage HEPA filter. The filter also collects dust particles from the air going out. The pre-filter can be hand-washed, giving the unit a longer life for the replaceable filters.

Automatic mapping

The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner maps the space in real time, draws a map for itself and plans the most sensible cleaning route. It uses the plan to achieve the best cleaning result. A smartphone app allows you to monitor the cleaning process, examine the map drawn by the vacuum cleaner and make changes to it.

The robot vacuum cleaner is as successful at vacuuming as it is at mopping

Tesvor S6 Turbo allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time! To use the vacuuming function, the dust container must be attached. The robot vacuum cleaner will securely store dust and debris inside the dust container. The dust container is easy to remove, empty and replace. 

In addition to the dust container, the product comes with a water tank that can be exchanged with the robot vacuum cleaner to make it a mop. The water tank is filled with water and a microfibre cloth is attached to the vacuum cleaner. This makes it easier to remove stubborn dirt from hard floors. After mopping, the microfibre cloth can be washed and reused. When the water tank is in use, the robot vacuum cleaner cannot climb over thresholds. The amount of water used for mopping can be adjusted using the app.

Why choose Tesvor from a wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners?


The Tesvor S6 Turbo robotic vacuum cleaner is the most comprehensive in its price range in terms of features. 

  • - It surveys your home and vacuums it systematically. 
  • - Able to clean carpets and hard floors alike
  • - Vacuum up to 150m2 on a single charge
  • - Includes mopping function and replaceable water tank
  • - Can be controlled via an app or the included remote control
  • - Large 600 ml dust tank does not need to be emptied all the time

The Tesvor robot is a great value for money with high quality features.

Tesvor robot vacuum cleaner app

The robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled and adjusted from anywhere in the world with the free iOS and Android app. The app offers a wide range of functions and settings. Cleaning can be monitored in real time, the time can be scheduled at will and certain cleaning styles can be selected.

The app also allows you to adjust the suction power and how much water is used for mopping. Certain areas can be excluded from the map mapped by the robot vacuum cleaner, allowing it to avoid the marked area. In addition, you can select a specific area you want the machine to clean, if you only want a specific room to be cleaned.

Product type
Robot vacuum
5200 mAh
Charging time
5 h
12 months
Sound level
60-70 dB
Maximum area
150 m2
10.1 cm
33 cm
Smart functions
Mobile application
Suction power
4.0 kPa
3-stage HEPA filter
Battery type
Container size
0.6 litres
Auto-empty dock
Mopping feature
Cliff sensor
2 cm
Run time
150 min
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